The Circle administers and oversees a communal site at Beth David Cemetery in Elmhurst, New York. The dues-paying members and their immediate families are entitled to interment at the family gravesite in Beth David Cemetery. In the future, the Circle may obtain additional burial sites.

In order to accomplish its primary objective, the Schiff Family Circle has an executive board which meets regularly, conducts annual meetings, and maintains contact with local family descendents through sponsored family functions. This website will help facilitate communications with known family descendents, both local and out of area. We hope it will provide a mechanism for locating additional family members.

The SCHIFF FAMILY CIRCLE is a burial society formed to provide communal cemetery sites for descendents of Naphtali and Rachel, and Naphtali and Rifka Schiff.

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If your family history turns up the "Schiff" name, or that of any other descendent on our family tree, we welcome you to peruse the information on this website to learn whether you are a descendent of Naphtali & Rachel or Naphtali & Rifka Schiff.

If you have any questions, you may send an e-mail by pressing the e-mail button.


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